Call Center Highlight: Kelsie Gallagher!

When you picture a call center, you probably imagine a nondescript office building, rigid atmosphere, generic dialogues, and robotic-like interactions. Sounds pretty horrible, right? We think so, too. 

At InspectionGo, our Call Center is characterized by its team structure, collaborative environment, and personalized services

The structure of the Call Center is strategically designed to help our clients scale their business. It’s divided into several teams, and each one is headed by a Team Lead. When the Call Center acquires a new campaign (a home inspection company we take calls for), that campaign is then assigned to a team.

Kelsie Gallagher, one of our Team Leads, has been with InspectionGo since the very beginning. She serves as a communication channel between the Call Center Manager and her team members, keeping them up to date on new information, clients, and scripts. 

Kelsie describes the team structure as very beneficial. “It allows us to give each campaign our undivided attention,” she says. “Our mission is to provide personalized services, and the team system we have in place allows us to accomplish that. We’re proud of our ability to devote the amount of attention our clients require and deserve.”

InspectionGo is deeply committed to providing home inspection companies with a community of their own. Although our clients may be located across the country, they feel at home with us. “The design of the Call Center enables us to form valuable relationships with our clients because they are always talking to the same set of people,” Kelsie says. “Our clients know they can call as many times as they need or want. They’re comfortable with us, and we love that!” 

“We truly value the relationships we build,” Kelsie continues. “Everything we do is based solely off the client’s interests and needs; everything is consultative. I find my job to be so rewarding because I know we are doing everything we can to benefit our clients. We’re taking a huge weight off their shoulders by answering their phones and taking care of things for them. 

The team structure is also beneficial in that it allows our teams to embrace and implement processes. As one of our Team Leads, Kelsie creates scripts, audits calls, and works in conjunction with our training team when a new campaign is acquired. She also helps with ensuring those scripts stay up to date. “By working with only the clients our team has been designated, we are able to provide constant, dependable services,” Kelsie says. “I love providing a personalized service when I create scripts for a client. We communicate regularly, even daily, in some cases, which guarantees scripts are kept up to date. The steady communication makes everything easier, on us and on them.”

The home inspection industry is full of personality and character, which makes working in the Call Center all the more enjoyable. “I love our clients!” Kelsie says. “I look forward to talking to them everyday. They’re extremely passionate about their work, and their motivation is contagious! When you work with such inspiring people, you want to do everything you can for them and their business.”

The Call Center’s team environment has also created an atmosphere the team members are happy to be a part of. “The culture is phenomenal,” Kelsie says. “When you walk in, you can just tell everyone loves it here. New employees are amazed at the relationship everyone has. This reflects across all facets of communication with our clients and their clients. When you’re in a happy environment, you’re happy on the phone.”

The InspectionGo Call Center has helped clients of all sizes the past few years, and the future is looking even brighter! “Exciting things are happening in the home inspection industry and at InspectionGo, and I’m so happy to be a part of it,” Kelsie says. “I can truly say that I love working at InspectionGo!”

We love having you on our team, Kelsie! The Call Center would not be the same without you!

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