Accounting Highlight: Ashley Davidson!

Accounting is always associated with data and statistics. What is not always mentioned, however, is just how many opportunities accounting services can grant your business!

The Accounting Department at InspectionGo supplies you with the tools needed to make smart, informed business decisions. Our accountants are committed to providing you with personalized financial data by working directly with you, the business owner. Because, after all, who knows your business better than yourself?

InspectionGo, being a recognized leader in the home inspection industry, provides only the most relevant and efficient services. Our accounting team gives you market-specific financial data while tailoring it to your personal business. 

“We’re not your typical bookkeeper,” says Ashley Davidson, Accountant at InspectionGo. “You’re getting high-level accounting work with a personalized touch. Before starting our services, we make a point to talk to the business owners to find out exactly what it is they want to focus on.” 

By allowing the home inspection owner to guide the focus, our Accounting Department is able to provide information based on individualized needs and wants. For example, if you want to know exactly where your money is going, we’ll highlight your banking transactions. If your loans are keeping you up at night, we’ll work on reconciling them. Our accountants are dedicated to you and the individual that you are!

InspectionGo’s accounting services include customized financial reports, cash projections, market-share data, and loan and credit card reconciliation. Additionally, our Accounting Department provides every client with a monthly financial overview that includes a balance statement, as well as a profit and loss statement to help you track income and expenditures. 

While many companies utilize in-house accounting, hiring an outside accountant may be just the thing your business needs. Our Accounting Department can bring experience and perspective to your financial processes. “We provide you with an unbiased insight into your business,” Ashley says. “Our dedication to, and experience with, the home inspection industry means we have the ability to understand and pinpoint the most useful data.”

Chris and Ricki Lange, owners of 1st Rate Inspections, have been utilizing our accounting services for over a year. “I really didn’t know what to do with our numbers,” Ricki says. “We turned everything over to iGo for the bookkeeping part. Now we know our numbers. We know where our money is being spent, where we can cut, and how to make a plan to put into place what we need next year. That has helped us go from making 5 percent up to 19 percent. We’re looking forward to more projections to be more profitable.” 

At InspectionGo, we understand the importance of effective communication. “Our communication doesn’t end after the onboarding process,” Ashley says. “We’re always available to our clients if they need anything, and we communicate regularly to ensure all their needs are met.”

By monitoring your spending patterns and highlighting the most informative data, our accounting services can help you to enhance and grow your business. There’s no way around it: financial planning is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. At InspectionGo, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our clients reach their goals!
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