Our Mission

Our mission is to unite, develop and equip home inspection companies to revolutionize the home inspection experience for consumers and real estate brokers through best-in-class technology.

Our Story

iGo was founded in 2019 by three entrepreneurs with one idea: to unlock the full value of home inspections for property owners, real estate agents and homeowners. To achieve that goal we have produced industry leading technology, training and services to help home inspectors succeed and grow.

John Russell and Chad Hett met in 2017 when John was CEO of Green Home Solutions, a franchise focused on the environmental health of homes, and Chat Hett was co-founder of Elite Group Inspection Professionals. They later joined up on a mission to help Chad propel his business – already the largest independent home inspection firm – to the next level by enhancing customer experience for home owners and the professionals that serve them through the deployment of better systems and services. They achieved 30% growth in the first year, ultimately driving nearly 100% growth over the next 3 years.

Aiming to replicate their success for other home inspection firms, in 2018 they began offering the same backend services developed for Elite to inspection companies nationwide under John’s company, EMG Brands. In the same year, John met Mark Wise, who had past success in the property technology space and who was in the early stages of building Veristo, a business relationship management technology platform. John and Mark had numerous discussions about different ways their work intersected and how they could work together.

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Our Core Values



We operate and communicate with authenticity, and we respect the diverse perspectives of others. We are our candid selves. We are direct and honest. We believe in the power of honesty to build trusted relationships internally and with customers. We pursue healthy debate to reach clarity and to achieve the best outcomes through input from the diverse perspectives of participants. In turn, we trust, respect and listen to one another, guided by the belief that valuable perspective comes from all parts of a team.



We are daring, when we think we can win. We are hard-charging with ambitious goals. We are not afraid to take risks and learn from our mistakes, but we are not reckless. We view failure as learning. We jump in and tackle what needs to be done, sometimes outside of our comfort zone. We take uncharted and unconventional paths, using ingenuity to bring our vision to life. 

Enjoy Life


We enjoy the work. We are passionate about the work we are doing, and enjoy the journey. We appreciate the camaraderie of our teams, and embrace opportunities to share joy and humor with others in our community. We have fun. We also believe the holistic well-being of a person brings out their best work and we promote work-life balance and sustainable work patterns. We empower members of our team to contribute meaningfully, and in turn, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver.



We open doors for people to take ownership and excel. We invest in our internal and external communities to help them reach their potential for achievement and prosperity. We lead through vision and example, rather than through management and control. We respect and listen to one another, guided by the belief that valuable perspective comes from all parts of a team.

Our Social Purpose

We apply our passion for building thriving communities well beyond the home inspection industry. Leading and serving in our communities is simply what we do. And so, we are active agents of positive transformation in every community that we are a part of.

We believe that our communities can be strong only if all members of our community are strong. We work to support all others, no matter their socioeconomic status, religion, race, gender, nationality, age. We celebrate the diversity of our community and we welcome people into our community from all walks of life. We embrace the whole community, and we don’t leave anyone behind.

We believe that growth of a community can only be achieved when the individuals in the community are healthy – mentally, physically, and emotionally. We seek to bolster the individual and collective health of the people who make up our community.

Our Leadership Team