The Brew: Bringing Tyrone together one cup at a time.

Quality coffee, craft beer, good company. What more could you want? 

The Brew Coffee and Tap is a recent addition to downtown Tyrone, and it is already a local favorite. Serving coffee by day and beer by night, The Brew makes a great stop at any hour. What The Brew more valuably provides, however, resides in owners Shannon and Rob’s devotion to the community.

When Shannon and Rob moved to Tyrone in 2017, they noticed the community was missing something. “After moving here, we felt that there was a need for a place like this,” Shannon says. “Whenever we travel, we look for a cute little coffee shop or brewery. We just love that atmosphere.” 

They opened The Brew this past June in hopes of providing an environment that would bring the community together. “We wanted a place for people to hangout,” Shannon says. “Somewhere with a nice community feeling where people can feel safe and comfortable. We also wanted to provide a space where people could express themselves. We bring local artwork in; we just want people to feel at home. We want to bring people together.” 

From listening to feedback, to showcasing local talent, Shannon and Rob do everything they can to let their customers know they’re appreciated. “We really value customer feedback,” says Rob. “We talked to people about what they were looking for before we even opened. So many of the drinks we now have weren’t originally on our menu, but customers asked for them. We’re evolving everyday based on what people want.” 

Another charming aspect of The Brew is found in the love it shows to its hometown. “We try to work with as many local people as we can, and use as many local products as possible, but we also bring in new products you can’t get around here,” Shannon says. 

The community looks forward to weekends at The Brew when they can sit back, relax, and unwind. On Friday and Saturday evenings, The Brew joins with Pennsylvania breweries to host Tap Takeovers, and they are highly anticipated! “We love catching our customers in the morning, and again in the evening,” says Rob. “Coffee is such a quick turnaround. The beer gives us a chance to interact with our customers.” 

PSA: Good news, Tyrone! You will no longer have to wait until the weekend to stop by The Brew for an evening drink. Shannon and Rob have just submitted their paperwork for licensure to serve beer seven nights a week. Cheers! 

Craft beer is not the only thing that sets The Brew apart from other coffee shops. The staff is truly one of a kind. “We’ve worked so hard to build this customer service-based company,” Shannon says. “That’s what we strive for. We want everyone to feel welcome here. To come in to smiling faces. To leave in a better mood than they came in with.” 

The Brew opened within a few days of the launch of InspectionGo, making it an exciting week for the community. “It was cool to see everyone excited about both businesses opening in Tyrone,” Rob says. “Opening day was an overwhelming turnout. The support we’ve received has been amazing.” 

“We had no idea what was coming,” says Shannon. “The town was in desperate need for a coffee shop, and we delivered. I hope we’re here for a very long time.” (We hope so too, Shannon!)

The Brew’s efforts to rejuvenate the town are nothing short of admirable. Keep up the great work, Brew Crew! 

Author’s note: We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to The Brew for keeping the iGo team caffeinated at all times. Thank you, Shannon and Rob! We’d be so lost without you!