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HomeBinder Assistant gives home inspection companies a new set of free value-added products.

Protect and strengthen your relationship with real estate agents while providing opportunities for you to earn residual income.

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Pre-listing evaluations, Pay-at-close repairs, Free Repair estimates, plus Free HomeBinder.

Beyond offering a complimentary concierge service to set up home utilities. Once you are signed up with HomeBinder Assistant, you will also be eligible to offer free pre-listing evaluations as well as free repair estimates as part of the pay-at-close repairs. Both of these offers are now possible through our partnership with Curbio.

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How it works 

One phone call to simplify a homeowner’s move. Plus, all the information they need to manage their home at their fingertips after they move in.

At first, home buyers will appreciate the simplicity of one phone call to transfer their home services while getting the best deal in their area. In its simplest form, HomeBinder Assistant gives homeowners a single point of contact to navigate the multitude of options and prices for TV, internet, home security services and utilities (depending on the state’s rules). With one phone call, home owners can shop and compare and transfer all of their home services to their home. Plus, all the information they need to manage their home is at their fingertips after they move in making it a central point of reference for their home.

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Why should homeowners care?

So glad you asked. 

One Simple Phone Call

Moving is a big job. Making a thousand phone calls to set up a new home's utilities and services can be as simple as 1 phone call.

Utilities & Services Setup

Homeowners aren't going to get far without utilities and services. And no, they can't survive without internet for a few days. (Ask your kids).

Repair Estimates 

When homeowners are set up with HomeBinder Assistant, repair estimates come with every inspection report for easy planning and budgeting.


Homeowner's don't have to pay more because they are in a rush. HomeBinder Assistant gives them multiple quotes and coverage options from the country’s top service providers.


And no obligation for homeowners. Moving-in can be less complicated doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. HomeBinder Assistant is an easy choice for homeowners and their families with no cost or obligation.


Because reliability counts. We only work with the nation’s most trusted service providers so that homeowners can confidently review rates and options.

So, what is a regular HomeBinder?

In a few words: A home’s information, centralized.

HomeBinder is a home management platform that keeps all of the information about a home - including your inspection report - in one simple and secure platform. 

Through HomeBinder, homeowners can get maintenance reminders and will be notified of any appliance recalls. They can start home improvement projects directly through your inspection report and much more.

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Your HomeBinder includes:

Maintenance Reminders

They'll never forget about basic upkeep again with regular notifications, via text or email.

Home Improvements 

They can set up projects directly from the inspection report, or at any time for ease of tracking. 

Document Storage 

They'll keep the home’s paper trail all in one place, digitally stored for direct access.

Appliance Recalls 

Homeowners can store make and model numbers to get notified if there’s ever a recall. 

Service Providers 

They'll have access to your recommended home pros to complete repairs.

Home Inventory 

Homeowners can help safeguard household items by keeping a detailed inventory. 


Trusted by more than 950,000 homeowners nationwide.

Our goal is to simplify homeownership by centralizing information and connections. With HomeBinder, you can keep everything about your home in one simple and secure platform. Supported by thousands of business partnerships, HomeBinder was founded in 2012 and is a division of iGo. 


What is the difference between HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant? 

HomeBinder Assistant provides services to support your home ownership journey. HomeBinder is the platform that houses all of your home’s information.

What is Repair Pricer?  

Repair Pricer is a division of iGo. Repair Pricer gives you fast, accurate, zip code specific pricing for any home inspection repair - 24/7/365 nationwide coverage of the entire US. Learn more about repair pricer here.

Do I have to sign up with HomeBinder Assistant to offer the Complete Protection  Warranty product?

The short answer is no. You can sign up for the Complete Protection warranty here. However, if you would like to earn residual income on warranty renewals you will need to sign up for HomeBinder Assistant.