They have helped me break through an area I couldn’t break through before. So if you’re ready for that, and the assistance to actually implement it so you don’t have to do everything yourself, reach out to iGo.

Dave Sherwood | Sherwood Inspection Services | CT & MA

We are happy to report that, in the past 6 months, The Elite Group Inspection Professionals has been able to hire and onboard 19 iGo Academy graduates and an additional 6 iGo Recruiting referrals that did not go through the iGo Academy. Much to our amazement, each new hire has exceeded our expectations and are already receiving Five Star Yelp and Google reviews on a daily basis. These reviews are the backbone of any service industry marketing and provide us with instant feedback about our customers’ experiences. By aligning with the iGo Recruiting team, I believe that we have made an excellent choice for our business.

Mike Speirs | COO of Elite Group Inspection Professionals | California 

The opportunities that are on the horizon and the workshops have been unbelievable.

Jerry Linkhorn | Linkhorn Home Inspections | Columbus, OH