Employee Highlight: Joe Glass!

If you follow InspectionGo on social media, you’ve probably seen the various pictures and videos we post. Ever wonder who captures that awesome footage? It’s Joe Glass, our Videographer! 

Joe works in the Marketing Department at iGo HQ where his talent is put to use each and every day. He’s responsible for capturing and editing video and photo content for the web and social media. 

InspectionGo is all about community, whether it’s the local community of Tyrone, or the nationwide inspection community, and this was one of the things that caught Joe’s interest. “I saw it as an opportunity that was already in line with what I wanted to do for the community,” says Joe. “I was already trying to put my town into a bigger spotlight and transform it in some way.”

Joe came to InspectionGo with a background of creative experience. He started his own media company, The Grey Medium, in 2016. It gained recognition after Joe started a documentary series that featured local artists and entrepreneurs, and highlighted their motives behind doing what they do. “I wanted to show people it was possible, even on a smaller scale, to do what you love and be successful while doing it,” Joe says.  

InspectionGo has community and team members all across the country. This gives us the opportunity to travel to different meetings, conferences, and offices. Since Joe was hired this past October, he’s gotten the chance to travel to Denton, Texas and Denver, Colorado with InspectionGo. “I like having the opportunity to travel with iGo because it’s nice to meet new people within the industry,” Joe says, “and it’s motivating to see how far our reach is.” 

The next time Joe will be flying across the country with other members of the iGo team will be this coming February for 3 Days of Secrets Revealed, our annual inspector conference. “I’m super excited for 3 Days of Secrets,” says Joe. “Because of big names that are involved with the conference, there’s going to be a lot of opportunities to capture some awesome content.”

In addition to traveling, the iGo Community in general is a big part of why Joe loves his career with InspectionGo. “It was very unexpected to meet so many people that believe in this one thing. InspectionGo is supported by genuine, hard working people that truly love this industry. It’s inspiring,” Joe says. 

InspectionGo values individuality and supports the personalities of both the employees and the variety of inspection companies we work with. Everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it. “I like the fact that I have creative freedom and input in the decisions that are made to represent this highly-regarded company,” says Joe. 

The InspectionGo team is full of so many talented people. Everyone contributes their own unique skills, and it’s inspiring to see all we can accomplish together!

To read about other members of our team and the services we provide, visit InspectionGo’s webpage!