Employee Highlight: Cynthia Malhinha!

InspectionGo is special for many reasons, but the biggest reason, perhaps, is because of the team we’ve assembled here. The InspectionGo team consists of people from all over the country with different backgrounds, experiences, skill sets, and passions. Cynthia Malhinha, our VP of Experience, is one of those people! 

Cynthia’s background is a fascinating one. She’s worked for some of the most well-known companies in the industry, including eBay, PayPal, Realtor.com, Intuit, FBI, Army, State Department, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center. She comes to InspectionGo with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we are so excited to have her on board! 

Get to know Cynthia by reading the interview below! 

What was your background before coming to InspectionGo? 

The User Experience (UX) and Product Management fields have grown rapidly in the last few decades, and my career has mirrored this: 20 years of designing and building projects with constantly evolving titles, tools and methods. I’ve worked on web and mobile projects in real estate, healthcare, government, finance, commerce, and more. I am continuously learning something new on each project, but they are all the same at the core: making technology human by focusing on real people who use what I design to accomplish their goals.

What does your role with InspectionGo entail? 

In a nutshell, my role is to advocate for our customers by understanding their goals and designing products and services they love. As I have quickly learned, everyone at InspectionGo is passionate about our customers! My team helps connect the dots by gathering customer insights and opportunities across all of our teams. We focus mostly on digital experiences, determining where technology can help, but it’s important that we deliver a simple and consistent experience end-to-end, both online and offline.

Why are you excited to work with InspectionGo?

Professionally, I spotted the rare opportunity to work on the right big ideas at the right time with the right people. 

Personally, I love real estate and have a passion for fixing up old houses. I’ve followed a lot of inspectors around homes to learn as much as I can (my thanks and apologies to all of you). A few years ago I got my real estate license, although I am not actively using it since I’ve now found a way to combine my love of product design with real estate. A dream come true!

What do you enjoy about your career? 

I got into the field because I like to build things, but also because it is multi-disciplinary (business, technology, art and science) and I’m constantly learning. Early on I was actually programming, which was fun and challenging, but as I grew into the field I found myself drawn even more to solving human problems. UX Design evolved from studying human behavior and cognitive science, which is endlessly fascinating. 

What future projects/ideas are you excited about? 

The home inspection industry is full of exciting opportunities to innovate. We have a lot of great ideas but ultimately are most excited about the ones that add the most value to our customers. We’re exploring unique ways to combine our Academy course material with the deep subject matter expertise of our Community, and infusing that into software products that streamline operations, helping inspection companies serve their clients better.  

What do you like about the home inspection community? 

I’m fascinated by their technical expertise: the ability to investigate properties of all types and sizes. I’m equally fascinated by the complexity of the business: having to report (potentially) bad things in a neutral, objective manner. Construction techniques have changed, and while some houses just keep getting older, others are updated smart homes giving us new sources of data. Devices can see the roof, crawl space and even inside walls and sewer lines. Inspectors benefit from having objective data to help communicate their findings.

Evolving technology is needed not just to do the work, but to run the business. I’ve worked with many business owners and appreciate their challenges. Many got into business to build something of their own or just to work for themselves, not to manage spreadsheets and websites. Entrepreneurial company owners will figure it out, but it is rewarding for me to design tools and support that can have an impact on their livelihood. 

Why is it important to strive for an excellent customer experience? 

Simply put, we do not exist without our customers. We can’t be all things to all people, but the things we make, that we put out into the world, need to solve real problems for our customers. 

Why do you believe in the InspectionGo vision?

I believe in the potential of this industry, and this company at this time, because we have assembled the right group of people who can walk the walk. There is a genuine sense of community, loyalty, and passion for the customer that uplifts and unifies the decades of industry and software development expertise. 

Cynthia’s hard work, dedication, and passion for her career is an inspiration to all of us! She’s a valuable addition to our InspectionGo team, and we can’t wait to see the final results of what she and her team are working on. Stay tuned – it’s going to be great! 
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