3DSR Speaker Bio: Jon Bolton!

3 Days of Secrets Revealed will be here before you know it! Our annual inspector conference takes place February 24-27 in Dallas, Texas, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! 

InspectionGo’s 2020 3DSR will include additional knowledge, resources, and expertise, much of which will come in the form of guest speakers. One of the headline speakers is Jon Bolton, owner of an immensely successful home inspection company, The Inspectagator, located in Central Florida.

Bolton is a recognized leader in the home inspection field. He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in building construction. After working for several home inspection companies, Bolton decided to launch his own business, The Inspectagator, which he has been running for 21 years.  

Working for a variety of home inspection companies has given Bolton the ability to see the different ways of doing things. He was able to analyze what worked and what didn’t, and then apply that knowledge to his own company. This makes him an amazing source of information for all home inspection owners! 

Bolton and his team utilize modern technology to ensure a thorough and accurate inspection, including infrared cameras and drones. They specialize in a variety of inspections: full home, express, pre-listing, and new construction. The Inspectagator also offers numerous add-on services, such as sewer scope, mold testing, wind mitigation, drone photographs, and many others! 
Bolton has seen it all. You will not want to miss his sharing of industry knowledge at this year’s 3 Days of Secrets Revealed! Register today!