Call Center Highlight: Bryant May!

Here at InspectionGo, we’re committed to serving our clients the best way possible, and that requires us to do things a little differently than your typical Call Center.

The difference in our Call Center is found in its unique structure, unconventional environment, and dedicated team members. Bryant May, one of our Call Center Team Leads, is one of those members, and his dedication to our clients is an inspiration to everyone!

“We’re not your normal Call Center,” says Bryant. “There’s a universal understanding of how to treat others on the phone. Everyone is very professional. We know what to say and how to say it. We just have a great structure in place.” 

Being a Team Lead involves creating scripts for home inspection companies, updating those scripts when required, and ensuring the team members are always equipped with the knowledge needed to best serve our Call Center clients and customers. “I like being a Team Lead because I enjoy sharing my knowledge with new people and showing them the correct way things should be done,” Bryant says. “I’ve always liked helping people.” 

One of our Call Center’s most defining characteristics is its commitment to provide outstanding customer service for both our home inspection clients and their customers. All of our amazing Customer Care Representatives are devoted to providing open and effective communication, and our clients know they are more than welcome to reach out whenever they need to! 

“I talk to inspectors every day of the week,” Bryant says. “Whether it’s them asking me to move an inspection appointment, change something about a script, or just texting me to talk. There are always open lines of communication. They know they don’t have to hesitate to ask for help.”

Another notable quality about our Call Center is its culture. Our Customer Care Reps not only have amazing relationships with one another, but also with our home inspection clients. “I recently had a bathroom flood at my place and texted the mold inspector from Elite Group to see if there was a mold issue,” says Bryant. “It was cool that I could just text somebody that has this knowledge. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of my house and texted them to the home inspectors I work with in the Call Center.” 

“I love working with our clients,” Bryant continues. “I love getting to know them, getting to know the business ideas they have for the future, and then inheriting those ideas and putting them into action in the Call Center. It’s awesome being able to prove to our clients they made the right choice to utilize our services.” 

Being a part of the home inspection industry means we get to constantly work with a truly amazing group of people. “I really admire how close these companies are with one another–even if they do just meet two or three times a year. Everyone is able to get together and share ideas,” Bryant says. “The industry as a whole is being revamped and it’s awesome to be a part of that.”

We’re so immensely proud of our Call Center and every one that’s a part of it. Thanks for being such a dedicated Team Lead, Bryant! The CC wouldn’t be the same without you!  
Stay tuned for more to come on the many exciting projects we have in the works! In the meantime, learn more about InspectionGo by visiting our webpage.