Platinum Membership

For inspection companies:

  • In growth mode
  • Building systems for sustainability
  • New companies looking for explosive growth

Membership provides you with a coveted seat in a highly exclusive coaching group. We have numerous coaching groups, each supporting company owners at a different growth stage. This tiered system ensures that the group discussions are highly relevant to each and every member. Each group has their own dedicated coach – a seasoned and successful inspection company owner in their own right – who leads the group and provides the guidance and accountability that guarantee positive results!

Platinum membership includes:

Platinum Mastermind Meetings

You will unlock your full potential using the power of mastermind. Join quarterly closed-door meetings with your Platinum coach and your fellow mastermind members as you track your progress, and hold each other accountable to reaching your goals. Plus, learn first hand and in detail how other successful members grow, systematize and bring big returns from their business.


Individualized 1:1 coaching directly with your Platinum Coach on request in up to 6 scheduled sessions and 6 EMERGENCY calls. Plus, two coaching calls per month with your fellow Platinum Team members. Discuss your progress, ask questions and experience meaningful accountability.

Leaders Edge

Extend the value of mastermind and expert coaching to your leadership teams! Built for marketers, inspector managers, and office staff, Leaders Edge is focused on empowering and enriching your company leaders for a stronger and more profitable future. Members of Leaders Edge receive:

  • Quarterly workshops
    Packed with educational content, these in-person workshops will take place during our quarterly events. Bring your leaders to both the conference and the Leaders Edge Workshop! *Attendance is free with the exception of food.
  • Monthly coaching calls
    Company leaders are invited to participate in a monthly coaching call with similar leaders from other home inspection companies throughout the country. Your leaders will experience the power of mastermind and collaborate with other leadership teams!
  • Facebook Groups
    Participants get exclusive access to a private Facebook Group where they can easily communicate with fellow leaders in a similar position. A leader can be in multiple groups if they are involved in multiple areas of the business.

iGo Marketing Playbook

The iGo Marketing Playbook cracks the code on how to run a successful sales and marketing machine in today’s digital world. Used by the industry’s top home inspection companies to increase business, only iGo Community members have access to these sales and marketing sequences, and their benefits of attracting and retaining agent referrals.

iGo Onboarding Playbook

The iGo Onboarding Playbook lays out the path to get new inspectors revenue-ready quickly. This comprehensive onboarding program includes:

  • A Day by Day, Week by Week guide for the trainer and trainee, including areas of focus and suggested “homework.”
  • Exchangeable modules to help make sure the trainee is fully capable in each home system.
  • Teaching your company culture and systems while evaluating the trainee’s technical knowledge.
  • A system to test and grade their abilities before putting them in the field.

Better Your Best

Opportunity to compete in the annual “Better Your Best” contest. The winner receives the grand prize of $10,000 cash and an invitation to Winner’s Weekend!

Your entry will highlight your business success and all you have accomplished throughout the past year. The winner is not determined by how successful their business is, but by the magnitude, creativity, and overall impact of the improvements they have achieved in their category, as well as how well you can express the benefits of making a commitment to building a better business.

Winner’s Weekend

Opportunity to compete for a spot at Winner’s Weekend, a fun and engaging weekend with select company owners throughout the iGo Community who are on fire with their business growth. Enjoy exploring a new destination, social events, and power packed mastermind meetings with multiple expert iGo coaches.

Annual Celebration Event

Invitation to our annual iGo Community Ceremony and Gala. This is a time for celebration and community, and a ritual for recognizing those who have made measurable leaps in their business growth throughout the year.

Content On Demand

Business resources at your fingertips. Access the iGo Community’s exclusive vault of webinars and events, iGo programs, and more in one convenient place just when you need them. Wondering the best way to onboard a new customer service employee? It’s in the dashboard. Curious about how to use pay-per-click profitably to drive more orders? You guessed it! It’s in the dashboard.


Free admission to at least three in-person “Reunion Days” per year. Reunion Day is a full-day conference packed with keynote speakers, industry-leading strategies, expert presentations, housing market updates and more!

Monthly Webinars

Attend 3-4 webinars per month led by industry experts and covering a mix of technical, business, and marketing topics. All webinars are recorded and posted to the community dashboard as on-demand content.


Free access to our end-to-end Recruiting service. Tap into our pool of highly trained and qualified candidates who can be revenue-ready in record time, and enjoy freed up bandwidth to focus on what you do best: running your business. Learn More