Core Membership

For every home inspection company owner

Join iGo Community at the Core level and receive exclusive access to the expert coaching, tools and resources that will propel your inspection business to new stages of growth.

Core membership includes:


Enjoy free admission to our quarterly “Reunion Day,” a full-day conference attended by industry influencers and leaders packed with keynote speakers, how-to sessions, industry-leading growth strategies and more!

Leaders Edge

Experience the power of mastermind and expert coaching. Collaborate with other leadership teams through monthly coaching calls, in-person workshops, and private Facebook Groups. Leaders Edge consists of three groups: marketing, inspection management and office operations. Join one group, or all three!

*CORE members are welcome to bring one guest to our in-person workshops, preferably a business partner.

Quarterly Office Hours

Access insider knowledge to conquer your biggest business challenges and capitalize on opportunities that arise in your home inspection business. Bring your questions, and get expert, industry-specific answers on how to start, grow and run your company.

Monthly Webinars

Exclusive access to at least two live webinars per month. Led by industry experts, these webinars cover the hottest business and marketing topics.

iGo Community Dashboard

Receive access to a private online platform that provides all of your tools and learning resources in one convenient place. It also serves as an exclusive social network, connecting home inspectors and business owners across the country.

Content on Demand

Business resources at your fingertips. Access the iGo Community’s exclusive vault of webinars and events, iGo programs, and more in one convenient place just when you need them.


Free access to our end-to-end Recruiting service. Tap into our pool of highly trained and qualified candidates who can be revenue-ready in record time, and enjoy freed up bandwidth to focus on what you do best: running your business. Learn More

iGo Community Core Membership is free to all services customers (Contact Center & Accounting).