2020 Backpack Giveaway in Tyrone, PA

Locally Owned Verizon Store Partners with InspectionGo to Hold its 3rd Annual Backpack Giveaway in Tyrone, PA. 

Verizon Wireless Zone and InspectionGo, two companies dedicated to community elevation, are excited to announce their 2020 Backpack Giveaway Event will be held on July 26th, 2020 at Reservoir Park in the same town as the HQ, Tyrone, PA from 12PM-4PM. 

Abiding by COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the 2020 event will look different than it has in the past, but will still deliver the same family fun and educational resources as it always has. This year, the event will be conducted with a “drive-through” style flow of traffic along the 1 mile road that runs through the pavilions at Reservoir Park. InspectionGo is asking that every family arrive at the event in their car, and community volunteers will provide each car with backpacks, school supplies, and fun activities that each family can complete at home. The event will also include food provided by The Bull Pen that each family can enjoy in their car at a safe social distance. 

Attached is a layout of the event at Reservoir Park and the flow of traffic that has been projected to help the event move seamlessly and punctually to ensure the maximum number of families get the supplies they need. Also, please refer to the attached document that outlines times to arrive based off of last name! And as always during this time, please wear a mask!

Time slots based on Family’s Last Name:

12 – 1PM: A-E

1 – 2Pm: F-L

2 – 3PM: M-S

3 – 4PM: T-Z

InspectionGo and VWZ have a foundational goal of philanthropy and community involvement on a local and national level;  the 2020 Backpack Event exemplifies these goals and will undoubtedly be a great, and safe, event for the community.