Tyrone Youth Athletic Association

Our kids deserve every opportunity possible to become the happiest and healthiest they can be. Unfortunately, many of them miss out on such opportunities due to a lack of resources. Whether it’s financial issues or the absence of a role model, many kids are excluded from sports due to reasons outside of their control. 

The Tyrone Youth Athletic Association (TYAA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the number of kids who are unable to participate in sports. “We believe that every child should be included,” says Mike Whitby, President of TYAA. “Our idea is to create the same athletic opportunities for everyone.” 

John Russell, CEO and cofounder of InspectionGo, is actively dedicated to rejuvenating his hometown community of Tyrone, PA. He purchased the building complex across the street  with a vision in mind: to improve the lives of the town’s youth while engaging with the community. 

The TYAA complex provides a safe, healthy, and positive environment while promoting sportsmanship, self-esteem, and the development of life skills. They offer experienced coaching, a wrestling room, a weight room, and batting cages. “Youth athletics is an opportunity to teach many valuable lessons including overcoming adversity and working together. Success requires sacrifice, and goal setting,” says Mike. 

The goal of TYAA is to provide opportunities for both personal and athletic growth. Experienced coaches teach the proper skills and techniques of the sport while stressing that every athlete is an important part of the team. 

“We want every child in the community to have the same beneficial opportunities and to live happy, healthy, and productive lives,” Mike says. “Youth participation in sports is so important. It teaches kids the valuable traits of humility, respect, and responsibility. By being part of a team, children learn the meaning of sportsmanship and camaraderie. That’s what we’re all about. The kids should be enjoying themselves, developing important values, and learning the proper techniques of the sport, and the TYAA is working hard to provide that.”
Downtown Tyrone has seen several exciting changes this past year with the addition of the Tyrone Youth Athletic Association, The Brew and InspectionGo. “We’re glad to see so much motivation and drive to enrich the community,” Mike says, “and we’re happy to be a part of it.”